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King’s Norton Farmers’ Market Newsletter - April 2023

I haven’t done one of these for ages. I’m afraid the website was, at one stage, a bit, shall we say; less than user-friendly? Anyway, I’m back now. I hope to provide the usual stuff so here goes.

Last Market: 11th March was horribly cold. Brass monkeys had taken to wearing 3 pairs of Y fronts for goodness sake. We had a much smaller market than the February one which is usually the least well-attended. We had cancellations right up to the day and we had a no-show. We’re measuring footfall again and from that point of view, together with producer and customer feedback, it was quite a good market.

April Market: Falls on Easter Saturday. Producers will do the usual Easter produce. The April market is usually a good one anyway and any falling in a school holiday is well attended. I’m a few days out from the market but the weather, according to the BBC, is meant to be pretty good. According to the Daily Express, there’s likely to be a plague of frogs or something… Anyway, it can’t be worse than March, can it?

The Future: Well, we’ve got the Coronation coming up. At the Market, we’ll have a Book of Congratulations to sign. Not a lot of people know this but, for Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation, a lovely linden tree was planted. It’s got a plaque and everything. It’s opposite Chas Mann, more or less where Hilltop’s stalls are. We are having a new one for Charles III! Here’s the thing though. King’s Norton Green is a bit busier than it used to be. There’s the Monthly market. The Mop, (which has been going for years) and the Beach which is a popular summer thing now. The chap from the Parks Department came over. It’s no good having it where the beach is going to be, nor where one of the Mop rides is going to flatten it, nor where it’s too shaded by the other trees. I think we decided on the North East corner nearer to the Lytch Gate of the churchyard, not too close to the other trees. The thing is though that King Charles has chosen a time when the trees are all in leaf. Not a good time for uprooting a tree and planting it somewhere else so it probably won’t get planted ‘til November or December. There will be a bit of a ceremony with someone in a tricorn hat at least.

Congratulations are due to our sister market, Moseley. Market of the Year no less! We have the bragging rights because we were set up within a couple of months of when they were. By an accident of geography, we are only a 3rd of their size but we’re just as friendly.



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